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EMAX BL2205 Outrunner Brushless Motors Small and light, 22mm diameter and 1.2 oz. in weight (34g). For models from 10 to 12 oz.
Specification (No. Of cells 2x Li-Poly) (RPM/V 1650) (Max. efficiency current >75%) (No load current / 10 V 0,5 A) (Current capacity 10.5 A/60 s) (Dimensions 22x5 mm) (Shaft diameter 3 mm) (Weight 34 g) (Recomended model weight 220 - 330 g) (Recomended prop without gearbox 5"-8") (Model BL2205), (Voltage 7.9V), (Propeller 8X3.8(Slow), (RPM 6800), (Max Current 10A), (Max Trust 330g)/ (Model BL2205), (Voltage 7.9V), (Propeller 8X6(Slow), (RPM 6500), (Max Current 10.5A), (Max Trust 369g) SAMPLE DATA/ TRAINER (model weight 350g./12oz). (LiPo 2S 800mAH) (ESC 10A) Prop 8X6(Slow),8X3.8(Slow) 3D PLANE (model weight 230g./10oz). (LiPo 2S 800mAH) (ESC 10A) Prop 8X3.8(Slow) AREOBATIC (model weight 320g./11oz). (LiPo 2S 800mAH) (ESC 10A) Prop 7X5 (thin)

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